Make an application for The ISFAP Bursary To Fund Your University Fees

ISFAP delivers bursaries to deserving students who satisfy the requirements. Prerequisites for ISFAP involves coming from homes with an annual income falling between R0 and R600 000 and being registered in the universities and classes that ISFAP associates with.

Who Does ISFAP Fund?

ISFAP funding is there to offer money funding to decrease-earnings students and those who drop into the “missing middle" and struggle to pay for their tuition charges.

ISFAP provides funding for just about any South African citizen who qualifies depending on financial will need and also academic overall performance.

A part of the bursary is you get many kinds of an ISFAP month-to-month allowance, which include masking your tuition expenses. ISFAP bursary allowance is an excellent assist to students with ISFAP giving other social help solutions and Life Competencies Teaching to their learners likewise.

What Courses Does ISFAP Fund?

Some samples of classes that ISFAP cash involve; Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering bachelor degree, Electrical Engineering bachelor degree, Actuarial Science bachelor degrees, and many more. Even get more info courses such as mechanical engineering bachelor degrees, computer engineering bachelor degrees and civil engineering bachelor degrees are covered by the ISFAP bursary.

The more info ISFAP closing date is usually at the end of October, with applications often opening a few months earlier.

ISFAP Qualifying Criteria

A household means test is done for all applying students
Academic criteria and registration, which vary per institution but will include:
A National Benchmarking Test for some institutions isfap bursary (academic and behavioral strength)
Matric results
Funder constraints (that meet individual funder objectives) which will be applied to students applying

It is important to note that applying for an ISFAP bursary does not in any way guarantee that you will be selected for funding. There is a strict selection process based on merit and funding is limited.

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